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image of the front of Margaret Glen-Bott School

Margaret Glen-Bott School - 1956

Named after the distinguished gynaecologist Miss Margaret Glen-Bott who came to Nottingham from Bolton in 1916. She was also a magistrate and a Conservative member of the Council. In 1956 she was elected Alderman of the City. She retired in 1968 and died the following year in 1969.

1955 - The part completed school opens for the first time on the 8th September with Miss Lovatt as the first Head Teacher. It was built on the land in Wollaton Park previously used for Allotments during the Second World War. It was not fully completed until Summer 1956 with the Official Opening taking place on the 29th November 1956. The House system was introduced right from the start.

The school had the following houses:

Trent (Green)
Pelham (Orange)
Musters (Blue)
Willoughby (Yellow)
Portland (Red)
Mellers (Black and White)

29 Nov 1956 - the Official Opening of the School by Alderman Miss M Glen-Bott, F.R.C.O.G., J.P.

The school streamed pupils according to ability with X and Y being the Grammar Stream (X top) and A, B and C being for those that failed the 11 plus. ('A' being highest and there may have also been a 'D' stream at some stage.) It was a precursor to the Comprehensive School.

1963? - Mr R C Peak becomes the second head teacher after the shock resignation of Miss Lovatt following an alleged shop lifting incident.

2004 - Margaret Glen-Bott is a failing School and is taken over by The Blue Coat School.

2009 - Blue Coat School are to build up the Aspley campus. What will become of the Wollaton site?

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