Reunion in the 1980s Anyone know when? Probably held at the school.

Reunion in the 1980s

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Held February 1999 Reunion of the Margaret Glen-Bott Bilateral School held February 1999 for 1965 year leavers. Held at the Admiral Rodney...

Held February 1999

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Held July 2003 Margaret Glen-Bott Reunion held at the Crown Public House for all years to mark the closing of the school.

Held July 2003

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Held Oct 2003 For leaving Year 1968.

Held Oct 2003

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Held Sept 2009 Held at the Admiral Rodney on the 3 September 2009 for Leaving Years 1965 and 1966. Attending: John Simpson, Barrie...

Held Sept 2009

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Reunion at Telford Sept 2010 mini meet in Telford 28 September 2010

Reunion at Telford Sept 2010

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Oct 2010 Reunion Reunion held at the Admiral Rodney on Thursday 7th October 2010

Oct 2010 Reunion

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September 2011 Reunion Held on 15th September 2011 at the Admiral Rodney at Wollaton Village.

September 2011 Reunion

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October 2012 Reunion Held on 18th October 2012 at the Admiral Rodney at Wollaton Village.

October 2012 Reunion

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September 2013 Reunion held at the Rose and Crown at Lenton - Those that attended are: John Simpson, Ruth Simpson, Kathryn Rowan, Jacqueline...

September 2013 Reunion

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November 2014 Reunion Held at the Rose and Crown, Derby Road, Lenton on the 6th November 2013.

November 2014 Reunion

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