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Matlock UDC Spring Sources
Many no longer used for public water supply
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Pre 1961 Spring Sources of Matlock UDC
The SDWB (Matlock District) Water Sources in 1974
The SDWB (Matlock District) Water Sources in 1974
The Darley North System
The Darley North System
Rowsley and Fallinge Springs
Tinkersley SpringFolder
Tinkersley Spring
Whitesprings Reservoir and SpringsFolder
Whitesprings Reservoir and Springs
Blackbrook and Sydnope Springs
Stanton Lees AditFolder
Stanton Lees Adit
Palethorpe AditFolder
Palethorpe Adit
Cuckoostone Adit
Upper Wolds Spring and ReservoirFolder
Upper Wolds Spring and Reservoir
Bonsall Springs
Wolds ReservoirFolder
Wolds Reservoir
Wensley ReservoirFolder
Wensley Reservoir
Sunnyside SpringFolder
Sunnyside Spring
Knab Hall SpringFolder
Knab Hall Spring
Rogulem SpringFolder
Rogulem Spring
Black Rocks SpringFolder
Black Rocks Spring
Willow Well Intake LaneFolder
Willow Well Intake Lane
High Peak CromfordFolder
High Peak Cromford
Upperwood Res. and Temple Walk WPS
Riber Wells and Starkholmes Spring
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